Vital Records

Submitter::  G. Nesbit


File/Register No.:  ?????

State of Birth:  Virginia

County of Birth:  Franklin

Surname:  Smith

Given Name:   Alberta Christine

Date of Birth:   13 May 1912

Race or Color:  Colored

Sex:  Female

Born Alive or Dead:  Alive

Father's Name:  Granville

Father's Place of Birth:  Virginia

Father's Occupation:  Hospital Porter

Father's Residence:  Roanoke"


Submitter:  Joyce Coker


File/Register No.:   38512/536

Surname:   Coker

Given Name:   Bertha

Date of Death:   19 Dec 1926

State of Death:   Missouri

County of Death:   Jasper

Date of Birth:   02 Sep 1902

Place of Birth:   Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas

Father's Name:   George W. Coker

Father's Birthplace:   Arkansas

Mother's Maiden Name:   Anna Stinnett

Mother's Birthplace:   Arkansas

Race or Color:   Black

Sex:   Female

Marital Status:   Single

Spouse's Name:   N/A

Cause of Death:   Pulmonary/Tuberculosis

Occupation:   N/A

Place of Burial:   Fairview Cemetery, Joplin, Missouri

Date Record Filed:  27 Dec 1926

Informant:  Mrs. Anna Cocker

Are you submitting a graphic cipy of the Death Certificate?:   No

Submitter:  Brenda Bridges


File/Register No.:   003224

Surname:   Cotton

Given Name:   Helen Ida

Date of Death:   26 Jan 1959

State of Death:   Oklahoma

County of Death:   Tulsa

Date of Birth:   01 Oct 1884

Place of Birth:   Honey Grove, Texas

Father's Name:   Elijah/Robert Forge

Father's Birthplace:   -

Mother's Maiden Name:   Mary Elizabeth Payne/Sarah Pierman

Mother's Birthplace:   -

Race or Color:   Negro

Sex:   Female

Marital Status:   Widowed

Spouse's Name:  -

Cause of Death:   Natural Causes

Occupation:   Housewife

Place of Burial:   Inola Cemetery, Inola, Oklahoma

Date Record Filed:  11 March 1959

Informant:  Pat Terry

Are you submitting a graphic cipy of the Death Certificate?:   Yes