Petition to Divide Counties

Oct. 22, 1779 Petition to Divide

Bladen, Duplin and New Hanover Counties

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1779 Petition to divide Bladen, Duplin and New Hanover Counties, October 22, 1779 


To the Honorerable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina

The Humble petition of the adjoining inhabitants of the Counties of New Hanover, Duplin and Bladen showing that your Humble petitioners labour under many exigencies by Reason of their Remoate Situations from the Respective Court Houses where they are frequently called on publick services and we your humble petitioners ever ready and willing to support and maintain good order and Government so far as it is in our power but the Distance with the fetigue and expence of traveling render it such a Hardship to attend general musters Courts and Elections with other necessary duties that many of your Humble petitioners would rather choose to pay their fines .Enjoined them for..of your humble petitioners Make bold once more to address your Honourable lord, praying a County to be laid of out of part of the above said Counties in manner and form following that is to say beginning at the mouth of Lewises Creek on the No. Et. River of Cape Fear Running a Direct line to the mouth of the Widow Moor's Creek on Black R. thence up said River to the Mouth of Collies Creek thence up Collies Creek to the head there of thence with a direct line to Cumberland Corner on said River thence with a direct line to the mouth of Stewarts Creek thence with a Direct line to the mouth of Rockfish on the above said N.E. River of Cape Fear thence down the River to the beginning and that the County so admited and laid of may enjoy the same Rights and liberties as other Counties do enjoy and your Humble petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray.


Signed by:

William James James Futch John Goff David Bowen

John Wilson Jacob Wells John Rivenbark William New

John Green John Duff John New John Wright

William Duff William Woodcock Simon Rivenbark. William Pigford

Benjamin Fussell M----Jonson William Harvel Anthony Burns

John Gott John Carrel James Padgett Malatiah Hamilton

George McGowan Rees Evans John Fillyaw Harrall Blackmore

Peter Yong John Young William Gray David Jones

Philamon Townley John Burus Bartholomew Burus Barnabus Fuller

Henry Morpus Samuel Morpus Simon Morpus John Morpus

Richard Lewis Jeremiah Morpus Jacob Lewis Luke White

Onisimus Futch George Newton William Bland Peleg Rogers

John Stringfield Jacob Newton John James Thos. Rogers

Reuben Green John Alderman Evan Jones, Sr. John Flanery Daniel Alderman Jeremiah Morpus Bryand Buckstan David Alderman James Larkins David Evins James Kattift Hezekiah Howard John Marshall Stephen Andres James Bourdeaux Joseph Andres

James ----- John Andres John Fuch John Sikes

James Fuch Tho. Devane Jeremiah Doan John Wilson

Benj. Highsmith Isaac Highsmith Thos. Rogers John Row

Isum Stevens Jesse Rooks Ruben Rogers -phriam Doane

Fred. Simpson William Hennesy1 James Devane Saml. Highsmith

James Rogers James Lee Peter Raymond Massie Benj. Robinson

Jesse Rogers Thomas Duff Jacob Powell Peleg Rogers

Thomas Powel Thomas Gidens John Hawes Benjamin Giddens

Robert Henry Steven Hancock George Devane Joseph Lamb

Wm. Robinson Daniel Highsmith, Jr. Saml. Newton Josiah Lee, Senr.

Josiah Lee Thomas Lee John Highsmith Benjamin Treadwell

William -ann Matthew Stevens Thomas Register B--d -----

Matthew Johnson Matthew Pridgen Isom Sellers John Register

Thos. Fortt Jacob Warren Frederick Williams Perego Johnson

David Peacock George Bell ?? William Pridgin

Abner Stephens John Pridgin Francis Stevens Hezkiah Bell

Job Rogers Jonathan Parker Charles Hay Robert Rolins

Daniel Fowler Clifton Bowen Enoch Herring James Watkins

Edward H. Hanan Jesse Watkins Henry Vann John Bell

Daniel Highsmith Peter Poitevint John Treadwell John Parker John Blanton Thos. Highsmith Rd. Herring Isaac Newton

Wm. Wright James Highsmith Hardy Powel James Wright, Senr.

Daniel Alderman, Sen. --trick Wright Thomas Parker James Wright

David Davis John Wright Timothy Bloodworth Charles Bland Charles Simpson William Devane Richard Stevens Saml. Portevint

John Bloodworth Thomas King J. Rogers Timothy Wilson

Jesse Rogers James Blanton James Morpus Lot Green

Petticrew Moore Jonathan Davis Abraham Newton Thomas Green James Kinneaer William King James Smith John Henry Peter Costen Martain Futch Archibald McCalop Jesse Jackson George Bannaman Lawrance Burns John Corbett James Henecy

Thos. Devane John White George White Richard Henesy

Archibald Murphey William Sloan Thos. Corbett Edward Shearman William Howard John Herring Edward Hawes William Sikes Denvon Ashborn Archibald Cook Thos. Corbett Senr Harde Parker John Howard Obedah Evens Othmial Marohan Robert Cook Mathew Prigen Adoniram Treadwell Joshua Stephens John Mathet Nathaniel Edwards Joseph Redban William Magee William Belan Lewis Williamson James Portevent William Stephens Jesse Peacock William Morris Nathan Herinton Richard Adonis Willam Adams Thomas Adams Absalom Hines John Jenkins Elisha Collins

Anderson Smith John Moren John McCray Eleck McCray

Christopher McCray Bennel McCrimmon ---- Slader Jeremiah Henery Hanry Wilson William Cofter Patrick Sanders Thomas Cockern David Collins George Pettit Edward Amon William ? William May John Bostick Sherm. Thompson Nathaniel Dabb

---- We---? Jesse Gilberd? Joshua long George Rouse?

Vallentine May John Jones William Webb Wm. McDowd

Vinson Davis Isaac Brigman William Smith George We--

Bartho.Tur--? Mathew ? Andrew ? William Thornten?

David Rich Chas. Vicion? Solomon Jones Jo? Hutchins

John Howers William -hoss? Joseph Thompson

George Well/Webb? George Carter Joel Phillips James Phillips

Wm. Benet George Collings Benjamin Maner John Wadley

James Phillips John Thomas John Long Edward Smith

Jacob Corkers? Jesse ? Matthew Cox? John Hall

William ? Benj. Cor? Henry Covington Richard Lake?

Henery Mear? Wm. L? Walter Blue ? Thomas

Daniel ? Wm. Thomas Edw. Williams John McColin

Wm. Scott James Witsher John Witsher Daniel Smith

Wm. Covington Tho. Dockery? John ? Thomas D?

Arch. McMillan George Hamons John Hogon James Downes

Thomas Gilbert Thos. Lacy James Downing, Jun. Jno. Hancock?

Joseph Ryce Allan Martin Robert Webb Geo. Davison

Angus Martin Jas. Carruth Charles ? Hurbert Martin Martin John Maclendon Isham Ingram Henry Baley William Best John Leverett Tho. Crawford Josiah Downing John Williamson Samuel Bludworth Robt. Jarman Samuel Williams William Threadgill Burrel Stricling John? Walters Farquer McCra Duncan McCra

Geo. Walters James Burn Robert Patton Jonathan Turner

Stephen Pittcock John Harre Jonathan Harre Joshua Bradford

JunWilliam Newberry Jonathan Newberry William Bolton Owen Slaughter John MacRa, Jr. John McRae, Sr. William Turpin John Dicks James Chiles Thos. Meaginson James Bostick Thos. Hadly

Da. Love Joseph Crews? Wm. Love David Rainey

Josiah Lyon Stephen Miller Thos. Lacy Joseph Thompson

Wm. Thompson Wm. Bleakner ? John Freeman James Blunt

Stephen Weaver Wm. Johnston Jothren Weaver Wright Perce

Daniel Weaver Wm. Perce Nathan Brasell Shepard Deason

Jase. ---ill Joseph Burchem Abraham Miller ?

Moses Mearies -ale Wooton? Nathaniel ? William McCoy?

Thomas Shelby? William Trull Thomas McKenny William Pellam 

James Blunt Joshua Martin? Joel Renfroo? Jarom Molten?

George Brown Richard Mass? William ? Thomas Chavis

William Nash Thomas Trull Moses Tomlonson John Whit

James Redfearn William Nelson Goff John Redfarn

William Pou Wm. Bushell? John Dunn J. McSwain

John Stanfill Jonathan Jackson Samuel Jackson Isaac Jackson

Jo-h-Morgan Evan V--- John May