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Family Line Publications, 1-800-876-6103, Rear 63E Main St, Westminister, MD 21157 Free catalog!! Good prices!! Specific limited subject matter in each book!! Get a catalog now!! (many PA church records available) (I hate when people offer books on wide ranges of areas, e.g. assorted marriages of the eastern states, or whatever. These books rarely deliver. Somehow, by mentioning a lot of names, the publisher wants you to buy these books that have lots of names but little chance of overlapping with your ancestors. Think how many thousands of people there were in PA in the 1700's and you're looking for a couple hundred. Just random hunting won't pay off. At least this place has books that, if you know where you're looking, it's more likely to be a hit. And the catalog is free! A really genealogist's source finally.)

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission catalog. Free. Publications Sales Program, Friends of the PHMC, PO Box 11466, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1466. 717/783-2618. Catalog lists many books on the history of PA, various books on ethnic cultures, history of the counties map (get it!), Guide to the PA Archives (get it!).

PA German Society. They have a few church records available including the Christ Church in Stouchsburg, Berks Co, although it's on the border near Lebanon County and has many folks from there. Write for info: PO Box 397, Birdsboro, PA 19508.

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