Old Eagle School Graveyard

LIST OF INTERMENTS, 1767-1895 at Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., PA

Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., PA

From the Book Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin 1767-1909 by Henry Pleasants

© 1996 DAJ


AKINS, ALICE, b. July 9, 1825; d. 1838 (unmarked)

AKINS, ELEANOR d. November 24, 1832, A22y 1m 9d

AKINS, JAMES d. November 25, 1827, A74y

AKINS, JAMES b. October 22, 1836; d.1841 (unmarked)

AKINS, JOHN b. April 18, 1834; d.1841 (unmarked)

AKINS, MARY JANE b.September 4, 1838; d.1840 (unmarked)

AKINS, REBECCA, b. March 18, 1830; d.1838 (unmarked)

AKINS, ROSEANNAH w/o JAS b.January 17, 1758; d. July 10, 1818

ANDERSON, JOSEPH, d. November 18, 1839, A89y

ANDERSON, MARTHA w/o JOS d. September 23, 1834, A72y

ANDERSON, MARY d. March 30, 1863, A87y

ANDERSON, WILLIAM d. April 17, 1861, A76y 1m

BEAVER, CHARLES s/o SAML/ELIZ d. April 15, 1838 8y 2m 7d

BEAVER, DEVAULT d. October 13, 1837, A81y 2m 15d

BEAVER, ELIZABETH 1793-1853 (stone erected c1900)

BEAVER, JACOB s/o John W., d. 1792 (unmarked)

BEAVER, JOHN d. December 15, 1777 A55y

BEAVER, JOSEPH s/o John Jr, A43y (unmarked)

BEAVER, MARGARET, consort/o Devault, d. January 22, 1843 A85y 11m

BEAVER, MARGARET, relict/o John, d March 9, 1816 A90y 6m 25d

BEAVER, MARGARET, yngst d/o Devault/Margaret d. July 24, 1819 A18y 10m 24d

BEAVER, MARGARET d/o John Jr d.1795 (unmarked)

BEAVER, WILLIAM s/o Devault/Margaret d. July 6, 1816, A19y 7m 28d

BEAVER, WILLIAM s/o Sam'l/Elizabeth d. May 1, 1837 A3y 8m 9d

BLOOM, ADAM d. July 29, 1804, A43y 5m 28d

BOWMAN, ANDREW of Up.Merion, formerly Tredyffrin (unmarked)

DAVIS, DAVID d. abt 1843-43 (unmarked)

DAVID, ELIZABETH w/o David (unmarked)

ELDER, RACHEL d. October 13, 1790, A32y

EPRIGHT, HENRY s/o Henry/Frances (Fimple) b.April 12, 1806 "Barbadoes Islands",
near Norristown, d. September 17, 1807 (unmarked)

EVANS, JOSEPH (unmarked)

FINGER, RACHEL said to be 1st burial in this graveyard (unmarked)

FISHER, FRANCIS Marine on brig "Hyder Ali", wounded at capture of Gen. Monk
in Delaware Bay, April 8, 1782; d. c1825. (marked by boulder)

FRY, ELIZABETH d/o Nathan/Elizabeth (nee Hu

ard) (unmarked)

FISHER, JOHN d. at Prissy Robinson's tavern (unmarked)

GROVER. two infant daughters of Robert Grover of Trdyffrin (unmarked)

HARRISON, ANN, d. July 5, 1842 A70y 9m 21d

HARRISON, ISAAC d. Frebruary 20, 1827, A62y 1m 16d

HARRISON, NANCY d. c1838 (?unmarked? or "Ann"?)

HENRY, ANNA MARIA d/o William/Hannah (Mrs. Adams) (unmarked)

HENRY, CATHARINE consort/o John d. February 13, 1845, A98y

HENRY, JOHN (blacksmith) d. September 18, 1823, A77y (Rev War Militia Man)

HIGGS, SETH d Frebruary 22, 1849, A44y 9m 13d

HUZZARD, JACOB, II. Private in Morgan's Co., Chest Co Militia; Hannum's
Regiment of Foot, 1777, d. 1819 (marked by boulder)

HUZZARD, JACOB (the pioneer) (unmarked)no particular tradition he was buried here.

HUZZARD, JOHN s/o Jacob,II (?unmarked--poss. "I.H.-1838")

HUZZARD, RACHEL (unmarked)

HUZZARD, ROSEANNA w/o Jacob II d. April 1854 (unmarked)


HUZZARD, no name, infant child of Rachel (unmarked)

HUZZARD, SAMUEL s/o Jacob II (unmarked)


KITSELMAN, CASPER d. February 6, 1848 A84y

KITSELMAN, HANNAH d. July 8, 1848 A74y

KITSELMAN, JOHN b. August 21, 1786 d. March 16 1845

LAURENCE, ANN d. July 23, 1830 A44y 13d

LAWRENCE, JAMES s/o James/Elizabeth b.May 6, 1833 d.October 27, 1833 (unmarked)

LAWRENCE, SARAH d/o Joseph/Elizabeth b. March 19, 1819 d. September 9, 1820 (unmarked)

LINDSAY, ALLIS (ALICE) w/o William d. October 29, 1839 A79y

LINDSAY, WILLIAM (Upper Merion) Corporal, Cowpland's Co. of Chester Co Militia
in Hannum's Regiment of Foot, 1777 d. c1817 (marked by boulder)

MCAFEE, POLLY, widow/o Daniel d.1855 (unmarked)

MCCLEAN, CHARLES B.1741 Served in Third PA Regiment of American Army in Rev.
War. Said to have been wounded at capture of Stony Point, July 16, 1779.
d. July 23, 1798. (marked by boulder)

MCCLEAN, HANNAH w/o Charles d. May 15, 1815 (unmarked)

MCGUIGAN, CHARLES d. March 12, 1823 A28y

MCGUIGAN, ELLEN (MRS) (unmarked)

MCGUIGAN, PATRICK (wheelwright) d.1804 (unmarked)

MCMINN, NATHAN infant s/o Samuel/Christian d.1805 (unmarked)

MCMINN, EDWARD s/o Samuel/Christian d.1826-27 A20y (unmarked)

MCMINN, SAMUEL d. August 8, 1811, A54y Member of Emergency Militia of 1780 in
American Army (marked by boulder)

NORMAN, ANN SOPHIA d/o George/Margaret d.November 10, 1815, A3y 5m 9hours

PAINTER, . Two minor children of John Painter (unmarked)

RALSTON, ROBERT d. March 15, 1838, A21y

RALSTON, SARAH d/o Joseph Anderson d. November 20, 1840 A52y

ROBERTS, MARY d/o Eli, Sr/Maria (nee Bloom), 1855 (unmarked)

ROBERTS, MARY (child) d/o Lloyd and Cidney (Sidney) (nee Harner) (unmarked)


SCHRODER, THEODORE, killed on PA Railroad c1890-91 (unmarked)

SLOAN, JOHN d. at Old Stage Tavern 1846-47 (unmarked)

THROPP, SARAH ANN d/o Isaiah/Anna V.(Werkizer), infant d. November 4, 1829 (unmarked)

TRIMBLE, MATTHEW d. c1850 (unmarked)

WATTON, ANNA, d/o James/Jane d. October 17, 1843, A2y 6m 17d

WATTON, MARTHANN, d/o James/Jane d. October 10, 1836 A1y 19d

WATTS, JOEL, blacksmith, d. c1800 (umarked, no particular tradition buried here.

WERKISER, CHRISTIAN (pioneer), Rev. War Milita Man, no particular tradition
buried here.

WORKIZER, MARGARET (MRS) consort/o Christian d. February 4, 1805 A55y

WHITE, GEORGE d. September 1837 A70y (German)

WHITE, MARY (nee WATTS) w/o George

WHITE--four sons of George and Mary White

WHITE--Four daughters of George and Mary White.

Additional--Unknown Dead
"ELIZA" (colored), found dead at Prissy Robinson's Tavern, Tredyffrin,
near Daylesford. (unmarked)

Several Revolutionary soldiers who died of wounds or sickness during the
encampment of the American Army at Valley Forge, 1777-78. (marked by boulder)

A Soldier of the Mexican War, Second PA Regiment (possibly Thomas Hahn, of
Radnor--hostler at "The Spread Eagle" (unmarked)

Graves marked by rudely initialed field stones:
N.D.-----M.W., 178?-----S.S.W.-----S.W.-----H.M.-----W.M., 1798-----C.M.,1790

An artificial gravestone, inscribed I.H., 1838.

NOTE: A large number of rude field stones set in position, but bearing no inscription, evidently mark the location of graves.

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